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Cyber Security Solutions

Bindle enables automatic fuzzing harness generation and seed-input collection. This makes dynamic testing of software binaries more accessible, by reducing the need for reverse engineering and domain knowledge.
Proteus automatically finds and fixes vulnerabilities in software binaries. It uses exploitability analysis to prioritize software weaknesses for remediation.
REAFFIRM (Reverse Engineer, Analyze, and Fuzz Firmware) is a platform for firmware analysis, component identification and extraction, and testing in emulation.

Areas of Expertise

Application Security and Reverse Engineering
Use state-of-the-art program analysis techniques to build an understanding of the functionality, strengths, and weaknesses of executable software and firmware. Apply that understanding to improve security and performance.
Automated Software Engineering
Automate aspects of software development through source code transformation and synthesis. Build tools that integrate into modern workflows to support collaborative, human/automated software development.
Binary Rewriting
Based on high-fidelity binary ingestion and analysis, automatically transform binary software executables and libraries to improve functionality, security, maintainability, and performance.
Machine Learning and Big Code
Combine machine-learning techniques with program analysis to increase software security, reliability, and maintainability. Mine the collective wisdom in massive code repositories to speed up, automate, and enhance developer processes.
Platform Security
Ensure trust in the computing platform, including hardware, from design through deployment. Assess risk due to use of untrusted supply chains of FPGA and ASIC devices.

Open Source Software

A fast and accurate disassembler. DDisasm can disassemble real-world stripped binaries with accuracy sufficient to enable modification and reassembly.
An intermediate representation for binary analysis and rewriting. GTIRB seeks to be an LLVM-IR for reverse engineering.
Mnemosyne seamlessly brings cutting-edge advances in software development automation into modern IDEs, supporting collaborative human/automated software development.
The Software Evolution Library (SEL) provides a programmatic interface for the parsing, analysis, and rewriting of software source code in many programming languages through a single generic API.

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