Datalog Disassembly 29th USENIX Security Symposium, USENIX Security 2020, August 12-14, 2020 (distinguished paper), link, bibtex
Antonio Flores-Montoya and Eric M. Schulte
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Roger Scott, Joseph Ranieri, Lucja Kot and Vineeth Kashyap
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Vineeth Kashyap, Roger Scott, Joseph Ranieri, David Melski and Lucja Kot
GTIRB: Intermediate Representation for Binaries, link, bibtex
Eric M. Schulte, Jonathan Dorn, Antonio Flores-Montoya, Aaron Ballman and Tom Johnson
Inuring: Live Attacker-guided Repair Workshop on Forming an Ecosystem Around Software Transformation (FEAST)
Eric Schulte Suan Yong and Dave Melski
SARIF-enabled tooling to encourage gradual technical debt reduction Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Technical Debt, TechDebt@ICSE 2019, Montreal, QC, Canada, May 26-27, 2019, link, bibtex
Paul Anderson, Lucja Kot, Neil Gilmore and David Vitek
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The State and Future of Genetic Improvement, link, bibtex
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Denis Gopan, Peter Ohmann and David Melski
Source Forager: A Search Engine for Similar Source Code, link, bibtex
Vineeth Kashyap, David Bingham Brown, Ben Liblit, David Melski and Thomas W. Reps
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Data-Driven Program Completion, link, bibtex
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Denis Gopan, Evan Driscoll, Ducson Nguyen, Dimitri Naydich, Alexey Loginov and David Melski
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Loginov, Alexey, Yahav, Eran, Ch, ra, Satish, Fink, Stephen, Rinetzky, Noam, N and a, Mangala
Improving Reliability and Security by Analyzing Executables
Melski, David
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Denis Gopan and Thomas W. Reps
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Gogul Balakrishnan, Thomas W. Reps, David Melski and Tim Teitelbaum
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Gogul Balakrishnan, Thomas W. Reps, Nicholas Kidd, Akash Lal, Junghee Lim, David Melski, Radu Gruian, Suan Hsi Yong, Chi-Hua Chen and Tim Teitelbaum
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Vinod Ganapathy, Somesh Jha, David Ch, ler, David Melski and David Vitek
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