GTIRB  v1.10.4
GrammaTech Intermediate Representation for Binaries

Standard AuxData Schemata

The AuxData class provides generic storage for application-specific data. This allows data to be attached to either the IR or Module classes in GTIRB.

We specify a small number of standard gtirb::AuxData schemata to support interoperability. These are listed below, in two sets:

  • Sanctioned Recommended for GTIRB users. Individual schemata are unlikely to change in future, although the set of Sanctioned schemata may grow.
  • Provisional Under consideration for 'sanctioned' status.

For example, if you want to store alignment requirements for blocks and data objects, you can use an alignment table.

// Leverage definitions for the sanctioned AuxData tables.
// Define your own custom AuxData tables.
// By convention, we put these in the namespace gtirb::schema.
// Note that if the custom type requires custom serialization, a
// specialization of the auxdata_traits template also has to be
// provided. We provide default specializations for many standard
// types.
namespace gtirb {
namespace schema {
struct MyAuxDataFoo {
static constexpr const char* Name = "foo";
typedef Foo Type;
using namespace gtirb;
using namespace schema;
// Register AuxData types before using GTIRB.
void call_me_from_main()
void do_stuff_with_gtirb()
Context C;
IR& ir = *IR::Create(C);
Module& module = *ir.modules_begin();
// Attach an empty alignment table to the internal representation
module.addAuxData<Alignment>(std::map<UUID, uint64_t>{});
// Create a new block
Section* section = module.addSection(C, ".text");
ByteInterval* interval = section->addByteInterval(C, Addr(400), 1000);
CodeBlock* b1 = interval->addBlock<CodeBlock>(C, 64, 6);
// Record that the block should be aligned to 8-byte boundaries.
// First fetch the map AuxData.
auto* align_map = module.getAuxData<Alignment>();
// Check for null if you don't know that the module definitely has
// an existing Alignment AuxData attached.
if (align_map)
(*align_map)[b1->getUUID()] = 8;
// Attach a custom "Foo" object.
// Note that AuxData uses a move reference
Foo my_foo = BuildAFoo();
// Subsequently access the Foo table through the AuxData interface.
static IR * Create(Context &C)
static Module * Create(Context &C, const std::string &Name)

Sanctioned AuxData Tables

The following are the sanctioned AuxData table schemata.

Label Type
"functionBlocks" std::map<gtirb::UUID, std::set<gtirb::UUID>>
"functionEntries" std::map<gtirb::UUID, std::set<gtirb::UUID>>
"functionNames" std::map<gtirb::UUID, gtirb::UUID>
"types" std::map<gtirb::UUID, std::string>
"alignment" std::map<gtirb::UUID, uint64_t>
"comments" std::map<gtirb::Offset, std::string>
"symbolForwarding" std::map<gtirb::UUID, gtirb::UUID>
"padding" std::map<gtirb::Offset, uint64_t>


Label "functionBlocks"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID, std::set<gtirb::UUID>>
Key Function UUID.
Value The set of UUIDs of all the blocks (gtirb::CodeBlock) in the function.
AttachedTo Module


Label "functionEntries"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID, std::set<gtirb::UUID>>
Key Function UUID.
Value The set of UUIDs of all the entry blocks (gtirb::CodeBlock) for the function.
AttachedTo Module


Label "functionNames"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID, gtirb::UUID>
Key Function UUID.
Value The UUID of a Symbol whose name field contains the name of the function.
AttachedTo Module


Label "types"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID,std::string>
Key The gtirb::UUID of a gtirb::DataBlock.
Value The type of the data, expressed as a std::string containing a C++ type specifier.
AttachedTo Module


Label "alignment"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID, uint64_t>
Key The gtirb::UUID of a gtirb::CodeBlock, gtirb::DataBlock, or gtirb::Section.
Value Alignment requirements for the block/data object/section.
AttachedTo Module


Label "comments"
Type std::map<gtirb::Offset, std::string>
Key The gtirb::Offset of a comment.
Value A comment string relevant to the specified offset in the specified GTIRB entry.
AttachedTo Module


Label "symbolForwarding"
Type std::map<gtirb::UUID,gtirb::UUID>
Key The gtirb::UUID of the "from" gtirb::Symbol.
Value The gtirb::UUID of the "to" gtirb::Symbol.
AttachedTo Module


Label "padding"
Type std::map<gtirb::Addr, uint64_t>
Key An address at which padding has been inserted.
Value The length of the padding, in bytes.
AttachedTo Module

Provisional AuxData Tables

There are currently no provisional table schemata.